Conversation Agent - Valeria Maltoni - Ballsy Protest: Art as Communication?


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While I understand where you're coming from with your support of the vision and artistic means, I have to disagree on certain forms of activism. I do not condone abuse or violence even when in defense of great ideals -- not saying it is the case here, but you brought up animals without a spokesperson...

I prefer action to chatting, too. Preferably giving a helping hand, being the change I'd like to see in the world.

I'm dissenting from some of the opinion read over.
First, we are the nation where futurists were born and the guy is making reference to them for his action.
Second, no damage were done to person or monuments or things around his acts.
Third, one think is to imagine to do something, a totally different stuff is doing it.

He doesn't think to change the world in one single act, but he is trying to make himself heard and give voice to the thousands without voice.

We sometimes forget that the world outside the screen of our computers is tough and there are millions of people and animals without a speaker: so to me anybody willing to take this charge on him/her is welcome.

Maybe nothing will change now, but at least it is worth trying.
Better than chat for days.

That's why the best part of these posts are your comments.

@Brian -- My question on guerrilla marketing was admittedly pushing it, but the guy thinks what he does is art -- expensive art, intrusive stuff. You came up with a good definition, although I think it was not called that way, graffiti was always intended as a form of protest to affirm "I exist" and "I don't care about this space". The worst are in public rest rooms, still.

@Carolyn Ann -- "So what if no one else has thought to pepper a public square with balloons? That doesn't make it original!" well put. Instant notice is several years in the making, or it should be. Also, I do wonder if attempts where made through channels, although having lived in Italy, I can tell you that as beautiful the country and people are, as difficult politics and economics are.

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