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Did you say something? I was trying to prove a point. j/k

That is a good point. I think it's one of the reasons that brands are so important. A great brand relationship opens such channels over time, eventually leaving us more receptive to new messages from that source. Very excellent.

There is also something else I've been thinking about along those same lines. You know when someone is trying too hard what happens? The listening is not built in. I don't mean that literally, just there's little space for it. The whole mind and activity is wrapped around *doing* (saying, demonstrating, etc.)

Communication takes time because first you open the channels. Permission marketing is not new -- it's the concept of opening channels.

Absolutely true. I spend a good amount of time not only having conversations with those who make up the communication/marketing/public relations sphere of social media (people who claim to know) but everyday independent bloggers (people who don't know, but do) that do not subscribe to this rule or that. The conversations are very different; and sometimes they convince me that some experts do not always consider who they pretend to know about, meaning the participants in social media.

I did not have it last night, but wanted to share a quote I am including in a upcoming post. It demonstrates just how long the concept of "conversation" has been around. I hope you enjoy it.

“Copy is a direct conversation with the consumer." — Shirley Polykoff (1908-1998), best known for building the Clairol hair-coloring industry.

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