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@Mario -- I think blogs and new media can and will open new avenues. What those may be at this stage is still hard to tell.

@Jerry -- thank you for providing and insight into the genesis of this project. I think everyone is trying to find proof (a cure, so to speak) before delving into this space. Personally, I found that "being in the room where the conversation is held" is what makes me able to find the right conversations, not the other way around. To journalists and the media, blogs and new media have become competition, so they have had more incentive to look into it than companies have, so far. That, of course, is changing.

Thanks, Valeria, for the post.

The study has met with considerable interest even though I think much of the data should be a big "duh!"

I find it fascinating how often and how much time I spend with senior communications executives at top brands and companies trying to convince them that social media matters.

The study (and the forthcoming series) was in part born of that frustration and an effort to have data that shows how online content is increasing shaping the definition of the words "media" and "journalism."



I found it funny last weekend when I saw Wolf Blitzer briefly speak with a fellow CNN correspondent regarding a story and that the info would be on their blog; then Wolf added something like "You know I have a blog too, at..." in a quick humorous but 'hey, sign of the times' remark.
Just a classic moment..

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