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Thank you for putting the spotlight on content. They go hand in hand. You can be an expert, but if you cannot reach the world you intend to touch and communicate with about your expertise, nobody will know. That's why digital distribution has become so important.

SEO is still important to one degree or another. But at the end of the day being an EXPERT and being good an COMMUNICATING what you are an expert in is going to be more and more the key to success on the Internet. I think.

A mechanism that gives you a certain output depending on the amount of effort that companies and individuals have put into positioning.

Users are probably feeling the same dissatisfaction they feel when they are inundated with non pertinent messages pushed at them.

Lack of skill and specialized knowledge is becoming a problem in many, many areas, not only in programming. Just finding a marcomm person who can structure the presentation of information to create a marketing conversation is very challenging. When I used to do interpreting and translation work, I got applications all the time from people who thought that knowing two languages equaled being a translator. It requires a special skill and knowledge -- humans tend to nuance content.

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