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Except for sometimes the next tactical goal is the death of the company's long term growth. I want to start measuring ROI for HR and finance. See how they measure up and how long they survive.

I'm looking forward to more conversations and projects together. I like the way you think!

Hi Valeria - a friend of mine used to call this form of marketing "smarketing" - as in sales/support marketing focused on helping with the next sale or next tactical goal at hand, not the long term viability of the product or company in the marketplace.

I enjoyed meeting you in person and look forward to working with you again in the future. Thanks also for commenting on my blog.

PS - The picture you took just convinced me that I need to go on a major diet :)

In my post prior to this one, I called what you describe drive-through -- the organization wants happy meals with fries and soda. When marketing is reduced to reactive tactics that may not be aligned with what the organization needs to accomplish - they are not strategic - you're going to be in trouble.

We ask a lot of questions - what want and need is this product serving? For example. I am astounded to find that people come to us for a brochure or a press release and yet when we ask what they need to accomplish they don't know where to start.

The external conversation is complex. Externally the janitor might become powerful if he has great energy and can talk like a person. That may be too flattening for the industrial age hierarchical structure of many businesses.

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