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Authenticity is everything.

Without authenticity, there's nothing but wilderness, both conceptual and emotional: your message will sound dry, lame and hollow, terribly unconvincing.

Just be yourself! And even if you have "external influences" (we all do), make sure they are properly "digested" and have become part of you.

Some people tend to over think what they do. They want to come off as authentic but they are too focused on their efforts that they end up appearing fake. I also feel that authenticity has something to do with knowing yourself and just sticking to that and not putting on too big of a show.

Thank you, Karen. Story is the oldest form of social media that I know. Spread and linked to by word of mouth, built upon over the ages, and infused with local flavors.

The other night I was in the presence of a natural storyteller. He offered that novels where the news of the times. Think of Charles Dickens, for example. If he had not told those stories, people would have not learned about the circumstances of his characters.

Employees already own the story - think water cooler conversations.

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