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I agree that corporate blogs are good, but yes, they should be used with care and monitoring is one of the things to think about.


I hear you! Should we break the news to certain management teams? They did not get the memo, apparently. Seriously. Some senior teams are in the PR of the '80s with those horrible mullets and big curly hair. Plus, it's not about the message so much as the conversation. Yes, there is a role for a facilitator and editor, not so much for a traffic cop. People will take detours and alternative routes.

I like the idea of seeing and understanding what the company is about - even if only for the people who work there. It's amazing the work of education and evangelism that still needs to be done internally.

You know, I wonder if we ever were "in control" of the message (but really that is a side point). Great overview and links.

One of the things I like about corporate blogs is that they can become so much more than just about marketing. They can synthesize some of the best aspects of your company (and your brand and its people) in a way that nothing else can.

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