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I'll be interested in learning how it goes down the road. I was talking with someone who started a blog outside the company so that she could experiment and show results before she ha to "sell" the concept. In that case, it worked. She was then able to bring it in house.

We're just launching our corporate blog and we made the decision to do it for many of the reasons that you noted, Valeria. It is a great way to define your company's image and to show potential customers a different side of the company beyond just trying to sell our products.

David Tillinger

Welcome to the conversation, Marc. Thank you for taking the time to leave a comment. I strongly believe in treating employees as colleagues and partners, at inspiring and providing the tools to have a meaningful conversation and for them to make a difference -- they do. Once you do that, you eliminate that kind of control that is paralyzing and allow the organization to flourish.

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