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@Chris -- wow, talk about synchronicity. I did not know about BrainJams. I do remember when Heath connected us. I still refer to the Community @ Work tool book on occasion for inspiration.

@Heath -- I'm just hoping that we don't gloss over the wonderful knowledge we've built together in the haste of looking like other networks. This one was special.

Thoughtful feedback, Valeria -- I'm sure the team will find it useful! And believe you me, after all of our online and offline work with the Company of Friends for so many years (since 1997, wow), this next phase in the network's evolution is a pretty cool thing -- and a step in the right direction, I think.

So true Valeria, thanks for pointing this out. Real Time Live and CoF (and my good friend Heath Row) were major inspirations in all the work I am doing today. Funny enough, the tag line for BrainJams, the now somewhat dormant non profit we started in 2005, is "Connecting People, Ideas and Resources"

We will be putting on another BrainJams event sometime in the spring :)

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