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I read somewhere about the rival English politicians Disreali and Gladstone. Each at one time or another was the Prime Minister - on more than one occasion.

Your post reminded me of this:

If you were invited to dinner at the home of Gladstone you would leave thinking you had been in the company of the most intelligent of men.

If you ate with the Disrealis you would leave thinking *you* were the most interesting person on the face of the Earth.

Great post. Tremendous blog. Always grateful for your insights.

@RichardatDELL -- I think we can start having those jobs right now. No reason to wait for someone to figure it out, yes? I was glad to be introducing your personal blog and story here. One more proof point that there are many layers to people.

@Steve -- you and I met many months ago (seems like years, which is great) thanks to your company name and description. I am with you 100%. That's what happened with Conversation Agent. I started using it and I now have copy cats. Yet, the secret sauce in this case is the sauce itself - me : ) Likewise, Blogger Social is my numero uno appointment this year.

Valeria - loved your job description, as it sounds like EXACTLY how I would outline my ideal role. Interestingly enough, in this age of technology and information, we can increasingly create these jobs/roles ourselves, not wait for others to make them for us.
Looking forward to FINALLY meeting you at the Blogger Social in April!

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