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I had not seen it. Thank you for pointing it out. You are exactly right. A LinkedIn profile with links to blogs, social media portfolio and projects is much more revealing of the skills of a candidate than a resume.

There's lots of potential for LinkedIn and mobile apps. Good for them, too in showing progress and evolution with the service.


I'm digging the new LinkedIn look. And they have retained Profile Views (i.e. "Who's been looking") -- right side, under the 300x250 banner.

I was just thinking about this the other day. Why do I bother with a resume on my portfolio site? I mean, I link to my LI profile anyway. But I'm curious about when we'll stop using static resumes, and just expect an LI or Plaxo link from a candidate. It's so much easier all around--and more informed, given the recommendations.

Now if they could just develop an iPhone optimized version of know, for events and such. ;)


@Tejas -- "Life is all about Sharing," as you say so well. Thank you for joining the conversation and for adding your experience. As you point out, there is business-relevant depth to LinkedIn that I have not found in other networks.

@Joe -- I know of others who have had a similar experience to yours. One of the points I stress when helping people conduct a job opportunity search is that of understanding the company culture. It's key. I am finding great insights about that in 'The Art of the Start' by Guy Kawasaki as well. Can't wait to hear about how things are going next week!

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