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@Mack -- go take a look at the blog. He is posting the programs for the Jazz Club, which is totally cool. I love hanging out with Gianandrea and look forward to his announcement tomorrow : )

@Jennifer -- thank you so much for introducing yourself to me ahead of blogger social. I now know to look for you in April. I know you will be impressed by Dune. I will ask you for your report! Have a great trip.

Wow, great timing on this post Valeria! I'm headed to Italy in a few weeks after a speaking gig in London and just emailed Gianandrea about his restaurant. I heard about it from Mack Collier and my husband and I have already decided we'll be swinging in for dinner while we're in Rome.

:) Looking forward to meeting Gianandrea before Blogger Social. (And meeting you there as well!)

Valeria I am soooooo jealous of you for getting to meet G and eat at Dune. But I love the idea of a blog for Dune as I think it could be incredibly successful if Gianandrea can devote the time necessary to it. Unfortunately I'm sure he has his hands full trying to grow now two businesses at once. Sounds like good food, good music, and exciting times!

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