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That is quite a literal interpretation, Huperniketes. Yes, indeed there are many options. In Microsoft's case, I think the more open stance, the lab and events, the market conversations they have started building on, may help the company more than Xbox would : )

There are several possible scenarios to come when these teens who lack previous exposure to the Microsoft brand enter the professional workforce: 1. they have no interest in using products from a gaming/living room products company at work; 2. they look forward to using products from the gaming/living room company at work, and they're either 2a. disillusioned with the business products; 2b. or they're not.

Enough variables come into play that make it uncertain whether the lack of history among fans of the Xbox will result in a net win for Microsoft.

@Jay - brand conversations are important on the inside; sometimes even more than on the outside. That is quite evident at Apple and other "winning" brands. People are proud to be associated with them.

@Tripp - thank you for chiming in. "Companies have to be willing to explore these edges of attention to create opportunities to draw these new customers to their products and services." And let's not forget that as consumers we love choices. Even if just to have them available to us on top of keeping the marketplace fair.

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