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Keywords do not take context (and for that matter not even content) into consideration. Let's take my favorite example: Google. It rates the flogs that scrape and use my content to gain ranking in the same manner as they rank my blog. Why? No context.

I am applauding the move by Yahoo!Search and will follow its progress. Breaking the status quo is easier to do for incumbents while the market leader sits there fat and happy. Competition is very good for us.

And then there is the conversation on how people have been trained to write for Google and not for their readers and customers. I wrote about it in a post a couple of weeks back. SEO indeed!

Nice post Valeria. One of the common complaints about new ways the Internet is being used is that they are hard to search. As users generate and classify more of their own content, trying to sort it all based on keywords becomes an almost absurd proposition.

Yahoo! spearheading something like this right now also seems to be a strategic move on their part to make their search business look less (or more?) attractive as part of an acquisition since it breaks the status quo.

I'm very interested to see what this does to SEO, and if people start to change their practices to be more relevant to Yahoo!


I found so many good ideas at your blog - it was an added bonus of researching the material for the post. See? The power of making intelligent and relevant comments.

I've had this vie of the 3-D Web for a while, with the 3rd D as the depth given by links. As for search, fortune has it that I have a colleague at work who gets it in spades. She's a tech-geek who understands marketing. We're a good combo.

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