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Hi, RSS now on becoming a important appl.

@V: "since Google just downgraded my blog from PR6 to PR4 for no reason I can figure out,"

Google redid their Page Rank algorithm about two months ago. Seems like almost sites went down by one — so it's all about the same.

I like PR because the great majority of my visits come from search queries. The greater the PR, the likelier a site is to be on page one of search results.

Good luck to all.

Welcome back, Marc. The world is not flat when it comes to counts. To follow your excellent example, I know of many people who forward their email subscription to my posts around the office, or to their friends on a pretty regular basis. Are those readers?

My point was really not about headcount - although I like to remember everyone who reads and comments - it was about the accuracy of metrics that are being sold as part of the social media "package". Hmmm, now I do wonder if Google analytics for SEM are captured correctly.

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