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Hopefully you won't have that email bounce again. Thanks for calling my attention to it.

Change seems to come so slowly, doesn't it, until something comes along that everybody agrees is great. Take Google for example. In less than 10 years their very existence has changed, dare I say, evolved, the way the web is used. And we all welcomed the change, consumers and businesses alike.

Sometimes, something is so much obviously better, that the whole "Us versus Them" thing disappears. We are all on the same side here. One day we'll realize it.

@RichardatDELL - you're on!

@Gavin - I was impressed by the council's willingness to invite us even though most of our initiatives for now are internal. I do like dipping my toes in the challenges faced by CGCs, for example. Reasonable is good ;-)

@Jon - Welcome to the conversation, Jon. Thank you for taking the time to contribute here. I tried replying to you by email, but it bounced back. I'm with you on the marketing aspect(s) and ideas you put forth in the comment. And I really did like those poems and your writing.

From the inside, participating in the activities, I could care less what the site looks like, as I am getting the service I signed up for. I can see how from the outside, looking in and seeing just the site, that it looks like everything you do not want in how marketing should be done. My new mantra has become "marketing needs to grow up" ;-)

I know I hit a nerve. I know that we should be rallying around substance more than looks - I won't even talk about looks, I'm Italian! But looks, alas, matter. My writing and research is around the future of marketing as I spend so much time executing on the past - admittedly sneaking in the future in concept and feel without calling it "future". We do what we can, and sometimes that is closer to the end goal than we think.

My point is also that we can harness all this great brain power and goodness to be connective and help each other. Observations can be gentle and kind even as they are effective. In fact, I find that when I move myself more towards the "measured" side of the scale, my advice is easier to take. Magic!

Thank you so much for joining in. I've enjoyed your take and will continue to do so. Finding you and the other talented people cited here was the best part of my day in writing the post.

First of all, thank you so much for including me here. I am flattered to be mentioned in a post alongside so many great writers, bloggers and thinkers.

To clarify (or muddle further) what I was trying to get at in the comment you quoted: Whether a product is produced or not, all businesses exist because of the service perceived by the consumer. So in a way, all businesses are service businesses. An ACME rocket sled provides the service of allowing Mr. Coyote to move faster. When ACME, reveling in their high sales conversions and profit margins, stops providing the service, but still provides the product (sans speed), the perception of quality disappears and soon, so does the company that built the product. There will always be another company struggling to make that great 1st impression, providing similar products with better or greater service.

My criticism of the Blog Council wasn't so much which platform they used. I've used Wordpress myself to design sites which were not blogs. But I never used the word "Blog" in the site name either. I just think that if a group is going to be "The Blog Council", then for reasons of consistency it should adhere to what we, as bloggers and as blog consumers, think is a blog. On the other foot, I applaud their efforts and I'm sure that if they are sincere about dialogue, their success should be phenomenal.

I plan to write more on this and other marketing topics @ Wordout. I am sorely dissatisfied with the way marketing is being employed on the web. I don't just dislike it; I think it is being done wrong, incorrectly, inefficiently, stupidly. I believe there's a better way, a more profitable way, a less intrusive way. If you'd like, I'll send you a note as I publish each one?

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