Conversation Agent - Valeria Maltoni - Is the Tiffany Network Pawning the Family Jewels?


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What I find interesting in cases like this one is the whole "unfounded" thing. How would such a rumor spread - all t he way to the screens of the NYT?

I think CBS was after eyeballs with Couric. Viewers liked her. Fit is very important in a career. You might have impeccable skills, credentials and likeability, but in the wrong job, the results are just not there.

More importantly, will the next Murrow be a credentialed journalist?

I'm not at all surprised to see CBS denying this today, but I'm sure there's something to it.

CBS' deterioration as a news brand has been going on for some time. Dan Rather deteriorated into a cartoon before an embarrassing scandal earned him a quick shuffle off the stage. Rather than shoring-up the network's tarnished hard news image, they went after someone who has made her career on human interest features. Not smart.

CBS also missed the bus during the cable revolution, which is why some sort of a partnership with CNN seems so likely to me.

Anyway, it will be interesting to see where the next Murrow comes from. My guess is that it won't be one of the major networks. It will be someone from the new media, and his or her arrival will signal the coming of age of something new.

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