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@Jon - I didn't get to meet everyone - and I was there! Next year is so far away...

@Luc - I am glad we got to spend *some* time together. Your ideas and presentation energize. Not all ideas need action in a physical sense. Many work inside us to change the way we look at things, thus providing an indirect outcome.

@Sean - it was good to have the chance to meet you ever so briefly. I've been a reader/fan of your ideas for a while now. Glad you found the post useful. I had to use a picture with you in it now that you are AdAge famous, too!


I've been struggling to write a primer for people looking to engage with blogs and you did a much more masterful job at capturing the nuances and the benefits/potential of the trends beneath the technology and simple act of creating content online.

And yay! A picture of me where you can't quite see my double chin! ;)


It was so nice to see you again in NYC, and so frustrating that is was for such a limited time. But we'll do it again, right! ; )

I just love this compact and brilliant overview. As to linking ideas, we often see the most obvious contact point between reality and New Media : the entry point, source or origin. Then, ideas may spread the net or may not. Experiences like BS08 or Age of Conversation point to our attention the fact that there is a possible output, a way "back into reality". After building ideas through conversation, linking content, a community has also the opportunity to phase -and I'd love to say "around the same values"- into a common, real... ACTION.

Linking ideas, linking people, action?

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