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[...]Blogging and social media should be very much as conversation, one-to-one, with your target audience. This is a concept that Valerie from Conversation agent blog feels passionately about and I agree with wholeheartedly.[...]


Of course, you understand that I am talking about the tools - the dynamics depend on who shows up, just like in life.

"The best way to make me ignore your message is to shout at me," this is what I hear over and over. My personal preference is to have a conversation, I tend to turn off noise.

Maybe civil is a better way to describe it than Utopian ;-) Then again, I don't have to be right.

I dont think your entirely right about blogosphere being some civilized dinner conversation, a big portion on the blogsosphere can be compared to people on their soap boxes in Speakers corner shouting their messages.

Whispering is something you do when the customers come to you, you need shouting to make them aware, and there is a lot of shouting going on on social media sites, peer pressure is there, Mobs are also social things so they thrive in social media aswell.

Shouting might not actually be that bad a metaphor, sure it's breaking someones Utopian view but that dont mean it's not the way you need to go get attention.

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