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Wow. Thanks for including me in your collage! This is a really interesting post. As you said we can't worry about those 'with a vested interest' in keeping the status quo. I think we keep doing and experimenting and trying and change will happen slowly but surely.


Very moved to be included in your collage. I try to include as many strong female voices as I can on Media Bullseye, it's very important to me to highlight blogs like yours and Toby's as well as all the other Renaissance Women out there!

@Jane - I like your practice of sharing and being available to each other. With the loss of community because of lack of time, that support network has been missing.

@Rebecca - glad I could be of service. Hope you are well.

@Toby - the collage started as a curiosity, to see how many talented women I knew. It turns out there are many already in my network, and I hope I have not forgotten too many.

@Joanna - we cannot be all best at everything. From my personal observations, women have a better way of holding many things together. In an age of connection and conversation, those are skills that get greater use and are in greater demand.

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