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hi Valeria, nice post. I subscribe to your blog and wrote a post myself last month on RSS marketing. I'm hoping RSS marketing will overtake email marketing for the same reasons you talk about here. With RSS, surely the readers are in charge. No need to ask for permission to unsubscribe...

@Robert John - I once met a person at a book launch who had been at a trade show earlier that day. We were introduced by mutual acquaintances and exchanged cards. Before I know it, I was entered in the trade show follow up routine and received emails, newsletter and two calls from Canada on my mobile phone. Many companies seek to build brands like Godin, Peters and Drucker did over decades and with permission, overnight and with spam. If it were that easy, everyone would be successful.

@Ricardo - one thing that we fail to address and understand with social media is that the emotional component of the relationship is never too far here. It is personal, if not for you, it is for your customer and subscriber. When done right, this kind of intimacy feels comfortable for both parties. Relationships and community take time to form and so little to tear down.

I make an effort to have people sign up (a.k.a. subscribe via email) but then again this effort is only directed at those individuals that I know personally and who know me so it's a little different. If they ever unsubscribe I'm never offended. And one person has...but they also sent me an email that explained why and that they had subscribed via RSS. Later they subscribed again via email.

With everyone else, new readers, new contacts, I don't push the issue. If they like what I have to say, they'll subscribe. And if they don't they don't. No big deal. At the end of the day I'm still reaching "someone" and I'm still connecting with "someone". It's those connections that matter to me and that keep moving me forward.

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