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Last night as I was clearing out my inbox, I facetiously made the Twitter post:

@h&r block - why are you emailing me? It's May. You are of no use to me now.

In the twitter verse, that's not even legitimate... it only caught @h as the response. But yet, not too long after that, I had a response back from HRBlock:

HRBlock @tvjames Info on tax rebates. Plus, it's what you do 2008...that determines what you'll owe (or get back) come April. Good tips!

So, nice job catching my twit and providing a good response.

I get too much email, so I did unsubscribe, but I've used them for years for my taxes and this goes on to further cement in my mind that they are a quality company.

(And right about now the guy who said "Our logo should just be a bright green square." is probably telling the naysayers to eat his shorts.)

Valeria: I've been impressed with @ComcastCares/Frank's work, too! Frank responded to my Twitter question within 15 minutes, and he answered my follow-up e-mail even faster than that. His responses were genuine and with a human touch.

Here's my blog post about the experience:

@Chris - it looks like Frank does have a team behind him, and his work is part of the company's customer service plan moving forward.

@Michael - you have your answer ;-) I also saw a few blog entries on their site as linked to from Frank.

@Frank - glad I was able to spot you on Twitter. I hope you can pace yourself and that the company continues to support your work, and the work of your team.

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