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@Jens - looking forward to news about your book.

@James - the issues with TypePad is not resolved, alas. And I am not getting any answers. It looks like I am learning WordPress after all. If you are anywhere online, with the privacy-infringing aggregators that popped up chances are you are everywhere. I am looking to the day when they get regulated as they are in Europe. Call me old fashioned, I still like to engage with people vs. services ;-)


I know we've been talking about the issues you're having re: domain binding and I think that's rotten.

As far as web 2.0 goes - it definitely has thinned my attention span. Fortunately, I've found a path that allows me to screen the services, claim my name online, and then really invest in the ones that are important.

I think it's important to have a presence in many places just so you're found but choose your battles when it comes to really engaging in the services.


valeria and mike. thanks for friendly teasing and pushing me.
- i promised a book long time ago - i know. -

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