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Valeria, I figured you had some insight on the angle of marketing and development. I'm looking forward to seeing it.

@Aaron - funny, if we mention the use of social media for hiring at work, the response we are likely to get is: "HR policy does not contemplate that" ;-) It can help see and experience who is walking the talk, no doubt!

@John - in my experience it starts with understanding the business, its rhythm and the issues that customers face. That's why I have been a licensed insurance agent, studied risk management and neurological development. In chemicals I had P&L for two products - production to supply, forecast to sales. To be able to measure, we need to have a clear understanding of what *can* be measured as well. In house needs to be able to articulate and transmit business strategy and vision to creatives - whether they be in house or in agency. Marketing should be done at product/service development level on. We will have a later discussion about the division of development and marketing. Thank you for pointing it out.

This post resonates with me because I've seen it happening in my own career. Where I started my career in marketing thinking that I'd be creatively creating the creative that would blow customers socks off. But I'm finding that using analytics to understand where people are finding us, what content they're 'sticking' on, and what drives them off our site is much more effective in determining what messages we should be presenting. In other words, I'm using Analytics as a listening tool and finding it very valuable.

I wonder if more of the creative will be pushed to agencies while in-house marketers get hired for their ability to understand business and data. That's a trend that would make sense to me as creative becomes a commodity to pick up after you've understood your business, your market, and your strategy to bring them together.

One more point to make before I wrap this up. The bullet points under "Marketing Itself Is Changing" don't quite go far enough. Listening is important and marketing should be set-up to do that (or get themselves there quickly) but just changing marketing tactics isn't enough. They need to take the conversations back inside the business and affect product development. That may be the second (or 20th) step, so I'll just put it out there for later discussion.


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