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Valeria, I'm just now seeing your post -- thanks for using my words in such an accurate way.

While the band -- the Anchormen -- might be inactive (I had an act in New York called the Trylons for a spell, but we never played out), the _work_ continues.

Since I left Fast Company in 2005, I worked with Seth Godin to help launch Squidoo, and since 2006, I've done marketing research for DoubleClick -- now Google.

The Company of Friends -- social networking circa 1997 -- remains one of the more interesting and important things I've had a hand in. That's why it's so cool to see social media so widely spread these days -- and to see Fast Company reorganize its Web site around connection, communication, and collaboration.

David, I'd like you to mail me a copy of Idealog. Looks like a worthy project!

Heyyyy…Heath is the man.

In the beginning I thought he might have been a made up character. You know - Heathrow asin…I don't have to explain, surely.

I was the coordinator of the Auckland cell of Company of Friends. The farthest outpost - New Zealand. Luckily I was creative director for the biggest brewer in the country - so we were able to offer plenty of hospitality to members. I picked up the reigns from a far more organised guy who's business responsibilities at Y&R had taken off. The group would wilt if no-one stepped up. I forgot the cardinal rule: Never volunteer. However I did become the (un)coordinator of the Auckland Cell. Heath did his best to support us. He was great - he is supportive and communicative. In the end I had no doubt he was real.

In the end our group slipped away. The Internet Bubble. The Enron thing. It all became too Americo-centric. I started my own magazine for us. But I tip my hat to Fast Company. It was sensational and influential.

Nice to catch up Heath…and you have BAND!

It's always great to hear what Heath is up to. Thanks for the update. (His band is pretty good, too. Don't know if they are still playing together or not.)

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