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I'm glad that you received some help. I couldn't agree with you more that there is more kindness with strangers. I have had too many examples of getting help from strangers to think otherwise.

a big hug to you Valeria!

You totally made my day a week ago. Let me know if I can ever help you back! (not fixing domain mapping on your blog though, ok?! :) )

Linda - that's because there is a shared experience. We're all grappling with similar issues. Alas, the technical problems at TypePad have come back to haunt me. No word from their help desk.

Ricardo - it was (still is) one of those "I have no control over my destiny" stretches of time one rarely enjoys. I am seriously considering a total change with tools at this point. Loose ties are often better at providing support, at least in my experience. People who know you, sometimes take you for granted ;-)

Chris - thank you.

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