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My secret dream job? Acrobat for Cirque du Soleil!

I've always wondered why we have to give up the mystical and magical the older we get. Cirque brings out the child in its audience -- try watching the show without your mouth agape or constant wow's and how-do-they-do-that's coming out. Impossible!

Now try moving business audiences to have the same response to your messages. That's when you've really connected. Seemingly impossible, but perhaps if we can start with something compelling to share, and we may actually be onto something.

Enjoy the show!

This will be my third. I saw Alegria and Quidam - both very good stories and experiences yet very different from each other. There is usually a part in the story where the cast involve the public on stage. That is quite enjoyable!

A few years ago I read Melinda Davis "The New Culture of Desire". In it, Davis got into many of the reasons why certain messages appeal to us - what people want and why.

Loner and rebel - a powerful cocktail in Wild, Wild, West movies; has the world wide web moved us in to a new direction?

Great post Valeria. I haven't seen a Cirque performance yet, but everyone who has says it's absolutely amazing. Talk about an engaging and interactive experience with a range of characters that draw you into the story!

To answer your question, my industry is marketing (in various shapes and forms over the years) and I think that this industry plays off the plight of the "melancholy loner" in all of us. We're all somehow searching for meaning - and for our place in the world - and marketers have always been keen to show us the way through well researched branding techniques and products that served our key need "to belong."

Hollywood movies that used the techniques of Joseph Campbell were almost always blockbusters, as they were geared towards the loner and rebel in all of us.

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