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My take is design of experience. Marketing is embedded in the products. Take for example my iPod. On the back of the box it says: "Like a fine pair of jeans, iPod nano colors may vary and change over time." That is marketing!

I've had little issues with adapting to the Mac ways - the usability is *that* intuitive. And I truly love my iMac and iPhone.

Thank you for asking.

Valeria I think part of the success of apple has been toward the minimal approach more than the hype. The recent commercials with the mac and PC have been more poking fun.

More importantly how has the switch been for you? Are you glad?

@Paul - the campaign has gotten a bit ridiculous. I quite prefer when companies (and people) play to their strengths vs. against something else. It helps everyone and nobody has to be right.

@Chris - in many cases it is better to stir the ship than to move the iceberg, as you put it. However, I do wonder if putting back into the cool game all the things about MS that are seen as "uncool" would be a detriment. I'm not so sure convergence is the way to go. I do like the idea of extension products, but not in the usual MS direction.

@Paul - when someone asks me for a designed template version of Word for Windows I want to cry. It's the most unstable program on the face of the earth.

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