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Returning to your original observation - the absence of new.

I am re-assured by the general agreement that change is a constant.

What puzzles me is why, as has been observed in the past:

# "the more things change the more they stay the same"

#"If we don’t change our direction we are likely to end up where we are headed”

"If you do the same thing over and over and nothing changes - you haven't done it for long enough"

My work in progress (WIP - preferred over IMO) is that:

# action and movement - personal intervention in the moment - designed to produce "the new" doesn't (and if it does - its just a co-incidence).

# Before you get to choice (WIP - a white rabbit anyway) - what do we really know about the direction of things
(direction is a hobby of mine).

The "new" or how thing come to being in wondrous and surprising ways may require much more from us. No doubt including the practice of "all things are or become in the presence of observation".

A lovely exchange:

From doing "The truth is that change is easier to talk about than it is to do. Execution is vital, and willingness is crucial."

To not doing "all things are or become in the presence of observation."

And everything in between.

@Peter - my take is that change just is (or isn't) depending on your acknowledgment of it. All things are or become in the presence of our observation.

@Sam - have you ever re-read a book you so cherished in the past? Did it feel different when you re-read it? It probably did. What changes and how it impacts things depend on our angle and filter. One of my favorite quotes is when we change the way we look at things, the things we look at change.

Hi Valeria,

What a thought provoking piece. The dialogue it generated is fantastic.

I think it's not a question of if change is necessary or needed. In my experience, it is that change is what is, always. The illusion is that there is not change. Perhaps it is not only do or die but change or die...

The question then becomes how to embrace change so that the desired results or goals are achieved. After the how has been established, then yes, a buy-in by all parties effect would be required.

Again, fantastic discussion. Thank you all!

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