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I do, Bruce. I've been accused of critical thinking on more than one occasion at work, too ;-) The easiest thing in the world is to pay lip service to change, doing it is really hard as it requires more of us. Humility, listening, willingness to learn and to confront our humanity and the fact that we often see and hear what we want to confirm our theories vs. understand reality. I am intrigued by evolution of business and how analytics are playing a greater role in all that. Taking away the judgment at the same time emotional resonance is becoming more important. Fascinating!

My thoughts exactly; Wordle may be more important than a grammar check for documents/speeches. Is the main thought really the focus or are we just talking about ourselves?

Valeria, the quality and depth of conversation here still amazes me. Do you really have a job above and beyond creating insightful articles for your blog?

Oh, that's good! How about a marketing brochure? "Me, me, me"? I was reading some research last night about Millennials (Marian worked on it). According to it, they are the "you for me" generation. I wonder if that would show in the language...

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