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So what happens when a disclosure is flouted?

Hi Ted,

Thank you for taking the time to post a comment with link. Welcome to the conversation. I am thrilled to learn about the existence of a disclosure policy in your network. I am also glad to make your acquaintance.

My contribution to the Blog Council toolkit is so recent that I cannot take any of the credit for the work all of the members have done to date. Still, I thought it remarkable enough to post about it at my personal blog. Remarkable that corporations as represented by members in the blog Council would all back up this initiative without hesitation.

No doubt, both policies are valid testimony of the effort individuals are putting into creating standards for a territory that is still by and large uncharted. In my case, it applies to blogging on behalf of an organization, including agencies that would represent it. Thank you for informing me and my readers. I am all for conversations of the connective kind.

I think you should read this post about the history of the disclosure policy.

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