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@Valeria: I actually do think companies can have a fan-like culture towards their customers, if they dare make the transition. With all the abundance of choice, I think truly caring about the customers of your business is going to be a key differentiator. Someone will have to set the pace though.

@Mads - Companies are entities, so no fandom in there. However, the people who work inside organizations can and would spread the love. On one condition - that they feel the love themselves. One of the most critical and least appreciated roles in firms is that of the missionary inside the company walls. All the work we ever do starts inside. It's true personally as it's true of groups.

@Gordon - thank you for the kind words. I used to be a Juventus fan - a looong time ago. About the time many where on the team that won Italy the world cup - Zoff, Rossi, Cabrini. What a team that was!

I would to thank Valeria and everyone who posted a comment for making Saturday morning coffee a lot more enjoyable. A good read and discussion.

P.S. Go Everton...

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