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I do like a city that stands by its people. It was amazing to me to find out that so many of the people I read write from Montreal.

Philadelphia is still finding its way, I think. In all the time I've lived here, the city has not embraced any one thing. The fans come and go depending on the teams' wins, the people do, too.

So glad you were able to see one of Montreal's finest talents while you where here in Montreal, Valeria. Even happier that you found inspiration in his music and passion - there's so much of it here in my hometown.

Montreal really is a passionate city that rallies behind its hometown heroes, teams and leaders. In fact, there is also a vibrant and growing group of social media and marketing leaders here as well. People that ooze passion for what they do and how they go about doing it.

It's only natural that you found a little of that here!

@Mark - what I'm reading is that our passion scares us a little. It does, doesn't it? Life is a process of discovering who we are and loving what we find.

@Paula - what you express in that comment is that personal insecurities and attachment to ideas of self-worth based on volume and "new" or even "improved" have people reject the "not invented here." That was a mouthful! I also liked Mark's build upon your ideas. I am sighing as my destiny has always been that to be strong, ahead of the times, by and large discounted and misunderstood in most environments. To counter that, I've learned to operate on the job so that I can help those around me. What happens to me can't be helped.

@Karen - lack of clarity is a real problem. From there we have lack of focus, and misalignment. I'd add to stay clear of situations and people that are energy vampires.

@Kat - "Your playing small does not serve the world" what a great reminder. Thank you! I also like to reread Mother Theresa - "Give the world the best you have and you'll get kicked in the teeth, give the world the best you've got anyway."

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