Conversation Agent - Valeria Maltoni - How does a Company Dip its Toes in the Conversation?


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Valeria, wow, I can't believe a corporate blogger responded to *anyone* like that. It kind of smells as though they might have assigned a very junior, young person to the blogging job (maybe because "they" thought, "the young people understand technology", when social media is really about social skills!)

On the small firm snafu, I thought and wondered whether a technical difficulty had created the conversation-ending (in my mind) event. Totally possible. In the end, I decided that it was a functional equivalent to bad behavior, and didn't go back.

On a similar note, oddly, there are some blogs at the WSJ that have moderated comments, and some that don't. At one blog that didn't moderate comments, I watched comments on one topic devolve to a flame war. And then I made the same decision.

Unforgiving? Not exactly. I forgive them all, but choose to spend my most valuable currency -- my attention -- elsewhere.

@Kat - I love the image of Cyrano in the background! It reminded me of the movie with Gerard Depardieu.

@Lauren - what amazes me is that we can get so much more done across the organization, in teams, than in silos... many have what to do lists, I tried to include a how to be with it.

@Maria - thank you for joining in. The business size in this case does not really matter. If anything it is a bit easier to coordinate in a small business or free agent setting.

@Anne - interesting, I had not seen it put that way before. Scared is difficult to deal with. I had a similar experience with the European blog of a global organization. Their corporate blogger responded to me by email only to tell me what an "antisocial" person I was. When I probed as to why my comment had been deleted, the response was that she was just a corporate blogger and couldn't have the kind of discussion I initiated on the blog. Conversation over indeed! Some companies buy software that has blogging out of the box but requires registrations for users to sign up at a cost. Is it possible that the small financial services firm had one of those?

@Sarah - thank you. I tried to answer it from the inside, dealing with the questions and challenges of the organization itself.

Great post! The question of how to get started comes up at almost every conference/event I attend, and rarely are the answers are well thought out as this! Nicely done. :)

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