Conversation Agent - Valeria Maltoni - How does a Company Dip its Toes in the Conversation?


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Great post. If I may add one more suggestion: "Don't do it if you're scared."

I've had several interesting interactions on company blogs. One magazine for the spirituality/wellness community had posted my critical (but polite) comment to what I thought was an incendiary and inappropriate post by their corporate blogger. Later, they took my comment down (but left their blogger's inflammatory post up). I went back the the firm's communications director to ask where my comment went...she told me I'd get a response, and I didn't. I went back, same thing...

Needless to say, I haven't gone back: conversation over.

Another small firm in the financial sphere posted my comment as "anonymous" with no link to my blog. Again, game over...

If you have to have fear in the workplace (and I tend to think that destructive emotions rarely have a beneficial outcome, but I digress), better to fear the people who aren't talking with you. They are still in the conversation, but it's offline, where you can't see it.

This is excellent information for solopreneurs, all the way up to large companies. The importance of entering the conversation is much more urgent than it used to be. You've provided great tips to get started.

Maria Reyes-McDavis
Marketing Masters Guide

You should really bold your statement, "It's not about you." Stop the silos and act on integrating communications into overall business planning and strategy. A great checklist for anyone to use! Thank you for the mention!

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