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This is an excellent post. I've done my share of presentations over the years but this article gave me lots of new ideas.


@Ricardo - my "made in Italy" deal makes me naturally, organically passionate.The other word I do not mention that is equally important is love. Love your subject matter, love the people who choose to spend time sharing with you, love the moment of being there.

@Mitch - to me performance means that there is a teaching, an end result. It can be inspiration, learning, an experience, etc. Practice does make good better ;-)

@Philippe - I updated the post to reflect hat you share here. I am currently working on two presentations for two different audiences and I have been thinking about how to stretch out of what I tried before. That was a good Webinar, thank you for linking to it.

Hi Valeria,

Great post. I recently stumbled on a webinar with a lady called Nancy Duarte and thought it was a really refreshing look on "presentations".

You can find the webinar here:

For short (15 minute) presentations I do tend to use only images on slides but would like to try something more daring like Ms. Duarte proposes as well.

Also, the difference in style and format of presenting - especially the difference between the US and European style when it comes to body language - is something that would be worth researching...

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