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"Oh, and I practice like crazy, over think everything and obsess on it" -- M.J.

Undoubtedly it takes times, energy and commitment. But when you enjoy it, the stresses are gone...

Excellent Blog posting Valeria.

I think Ricardo is on to something. I would not say that go for performance, but I do know that great content with an inability to deliver it equals no knowledge exchange.

I do think about presentations much in the same way I think about a live concert - it has to live, breathe, move and flow for the whole message to take hold and connect with an audience.

My general presentation DNA revolves around the right content, told in a flow, interspersed with proper stories and examples.

Once I have that, I think my passion drives the performance.

I know my content. I love my content. I want to share my content.

Oh, and I practice like crazy, over think everything and obsess on it ;)

"the one ingredient that will make your presentation spark is the joy you put into it"-- V.M.

That joy stems from passion. And that's something you can never really fake. Or can you? I'm sure people have given great presentations and some on a whim. But the artistic ones, the ones that wow us, are the ones that radiate passion.

I see our blogs as presentations. Some are good...others are great... How do you move from good to great? From better, to best? You refocus your motivation and mindset so that your passion flows out naturally. So that people could see the joy you put into it all.

PS. Thanks for the support Valeria!

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