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@RichardatDELL - glad you reminded me of that interview, as I have the right visual for tomorrow's post from Sunday. Bottom line, it is about action.

@Anthony - active engagement is a sound idea. I was explaining social media dynamics to someone a couple of months ago. It's very much akin to going back to talking with each other, listening, participating in our lives. All of those things we had moved away from. Offline I call these true conversations - verbals and non verbals quite apparent.

Great comments Valeria (and thanks for the mention, Richard). So much of Reputation Management at its essence is about knowing what matters to your stakeholders. Online, you give them the opportunity to tell you what they care about, and you get the opportunity to show that you're listening (which, as mentioned, is probably the most important part). Companies like Dell are starting to see the power of this approach (we call active stakeholder engagement "Reputing") and are working to figure out the equivalent engagement methods offline. That takes a bit more prep, but the same principles apply.

Hi Valeria

great post as always. Worth remembering what Michael Dell said in the interview with Shel Israel: "You'd have to ask our customers. We don't own our reputation we just own our actions. That's something our customers give to us in return for us exceeding their expectations. For me, the question is has it improved our business performance?"

Meaning that whatever you find online or offline in terms of reputation, what are you doing to move ahead at the business level with that input

Link is here:

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