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You have been a good friend for some time. I remember last August when it was you and I going toe to toe blogging while the rest of the blogosphere slept. You deserve all of your success. Thanks for having me.

I have a great CEO, and look forward to working with her.


@Gianandrea - I am borrowing from what the guys at Dell did here. I do think that showing you are listening and engaged is more important than giving a right answer. It shows intention and respect. At the same time, it is important to go get the answer, of course. No empty promises.

@Toby - I liked that you had Maggie and Geoff in your conversation. Until today I had heard great things about Maggie, but had not met her.

@Maggie - As a marketer on the client side, I am constantly amazed at the gap that full service agencies have and are trying to cover up for. These are indeed exciting times. With the combined talents and experience, SMG has the opportunity to add capacity towards increasing demand. Congratulations on the move!

Hey Valeria, thank you so much for the story and your thoughtful questions. We are absolutely thrilled that Geoff has agreed to team up with us, exciting times!

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