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@Paula - you made me reflect upon the origin of the term brand, a mark of ownership. Except for it has many owners and different meanings today.

@Agent m - I cannot disagree with anything you say. There will be stretched budgets, greedy people, inexperienced professional, etc. That crates plenty of opportunity for those who choose to educate, learn, share in a way that is not self-serving ;-)

@Peter - when I read your comment on my iPhone I could not make sense of it. The layout here helps. It would also help if companies stopped trying to be perfect and started being remarkable.

Poor communication, blind, mismanaged expectation, lies, denial, contradictions, confusion, behavioral inconsistency , lost relationships and manipulative.

The brand of the modern corporation is authentically human.

Impatient, demanding, conceited, unappreciative, disloyal, flaky, rude, narrow minded, radically acquisitive, opportunistic, lazy and intolerant of all human failing.

The brand of the modern consumer is authentically human.

But over course, if you hold a dollar it's OK to be authentically human.

But, If you want my dollar you must be cured - your human failings defeated - your brand authentically super human.

Personally,I think its great that consumers have a role in brand perception. It's like nicknames- you can't give yourself one because you like the sound of it. You earn one, bad or good, through public perception.

Certain companies and products would rather waste millions on creatives "branding" them as the choice of mothers, dentists, "the next generation" instead of using (mostly free) tools to hear it from a mother or dentist's mouth directly. And when they do adopt new media practices, we see, too often, the exploitation of these tools or half-hearted attempts.

Don't get me started on how big ad agencies are "embracing" social media tools. This site hits the nail right on the head-

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