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I'll try lijit next time.

Thank you!!

@Todd - I admire diplomats a great deal. Negotiating anything is quite difficult, especially since emotions enter the equation early on. It is not a skill they teach in school, it would serve everyone if we did so. Conversation is so much about negotiating differing viewpoints! Imagine if Barney found a way to express his take that was constructive. The things we could do in our daily life if we all found a way to that place.

@Rebecca - you got it! Ogilvy said it a long time ago - direct response is very powerful. Now we can measure even more our efforts and communications.

This is interesting to me since I can track the usage of the emails I send out to my organization lists. I can see who opens it and what they click on. It definitely changes how I put the emails together - photos are most popular with my crowd, and I also experiment - I put jobs in it today. I think the data is extremely powerful.

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