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Valeria, Thanks for giving Lijit a try and I'm glad you get value from it. Your analysis of Barney and PUB is clairvoyant. Perhaps "PUB" should come clean as to it's motivations.

Todd Vernon / CEO Lijit Networks

What I come back time and again is how our own words and actions reflect on us. Plus there was this missed opportunity to connect. If someone takes the time to comment, why not invest it?

I also chose Lijit because it works. Having written more than 600 posts and continuing many of those conversations, I found it hard to search my own material and find what I was looking for with other search tools.

I would have plenty of material for scam email posts. With three email accounts, I get my fair share of solicitations. Which gives me an idea for a couple of posts. Brilliant!

Interestingly, my traffic is much more organic and comes mostly from readers or people I meet along the way. I do show up in a lot of searches given the range of topics I write about.

I'm looking into the email address for you.

Okay, I bit the troll...

Checked out the PUBber above, went to his site, looked for some reason to be there. With one angry, misspelled post, it took no time at all to click away. I can only surmise that Barney (located physically near the Lijit people) is an angry (ex)friend of someone attached to Lijit.

I tried several search engines on Wordout, and decided after a couple of months that Lijit was the sh... well, you know, the one I chose. (I'm not concerned with their business plan, their profits or where they get their money from. I'm concerned with WHAT WORKS for me.)

I do look at my search traffic and it does direct some of the upcoming content. Take, for instance, my Fake EMail series. I had no time one day so I slung together a grammatical critique of a scam email and posted it. I was sure it was a waste of time but I was trying to post as much content as possible back then.

Through search traffic alone, that piece became one of the most popular pieces to date. So I tried another with a similar title using a different scam email. BOOM! Shot straight to the top.

The result is that now I have a stable of Fake EMail posts that guarantee traffic every single day.

I'm still trying to figure out how to take advantage of that Thursday search for the letter 't' each week...

(phooey... still thinks I have an 'invalid email address'.)

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