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I enjoyed #4 the most. Particularly:

The most experienced networkers are those who never pitch, they just tell stories and listen to the cues of when you are ready to know more.

May I offer to change the idea of 'telling stories about the pitch' to 'sharing who you are?'

If you are not invested in whatever you are talking about, people will notice. So don't talk about a thing. Talk about yourself and the thing will find its way out.

@Warzabidul - Richard, good of you to recognize that there is a time for every purpose, as the song goes. Quality and interest level do matter to connection. I am also thinking that if you are everywhere you might not be paying attention to where you are in the moment sometimes...

@Steve - glad you enjoyed. Thank you for reading.

@Shawn - Yes, the implication is there for the picking. "worrying about exposure in the kinds of media that matter most to your customers" - being everywhere means different places to different people. Good example.

@Frank - One of the great nuggets I picked up in years of conversations at networking events - be interested. Approaching every person as a potential teacher affords us multiple advantages. In most cases we learn a lot about ourselves from the reactions we have to their styles as well.

Thanks for sharing your thoughts on this ...

Point #5 caught my attention the most.

5. Be Interested - And you will be interesting as well.

I think anyone trying to put out good content on the web (or any other channel for that matter) needs to be interested/curious - and possibly taking it one step further we need to be great students - always learning & growing.


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