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Outstanding post. At work, I am known for my participation on Linkedin, Facebook,and Twitter. I am a big fan. I recently wrote a blog post after being interviewed by our corporate magazine reporter for an internal story on the benefits of social media for companies. Linkedin was featured as well as Facebook.

The one thing I wanted to reinforce is to be cautious what you post. Here is the excerpt from my entry.

Keep up the great posts. - Danonit.

Socially Network With Caution

I’ve painted a rosy picture above, but I must also tell you to take caution in what you post, say, upload, link to, and be selective in who you choose as friends. As I mentioned above, I look up new hires and learn about them and I am sure if people want to learn about me, they too could do the same thing. So my rule of thumb is I would never post, say or link to anything that I wouldn’t want my co-workers, executives, or my company to see or know about me.

I wrote a couple of posts featuring links to articles about linkedin here and here

My readers found them very useful!

@Maria - I have used LinkedIn for a few years and have gotten a lot of value out of being there. It is often overlooked.

@Richard - thank you for the links and for the information.

@Marc - I have had a similar experience to yours on LinkedIn. They have really enhanced it and stepped things up when they introduced the questions and answers. It was such a simple move that really helped people connect.

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