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@Albert - I resort to showing and telling as well. I was skeptical myself before I signed up and there are definitely times when I prefer to be off line. It really does depend in large part on the user and what they make of it.

@Ricardo - it one tool that makes sense to meet new people and be open to interaction. I have had the same experience of meeting great people, especially in my geographic area, and then finding the opportunity to link up in person.

@Warren - thank you for stopping in and for the links. Good topics. I am heading over to read now.

@Frank - yes, Frank from Comcast is a good example of how one person can make a big difference. Many large organizations have a Twitter presence through their employees. Yes, some companies do get hung up on the officialness of being there. Once they get past it, though, they can reap big benefits.

Great tips ...

Practically speaking the challenge for large org's it get get buy in at the upper levels. The guy at comcast was pretty slick and definitely gives us a great case to use to show how businesses can make true impact.

At the end of the day it comes down to actually caring. If we are human and we care about our customers then we can succeed on Twitter (or any other medium for that matter)


I love how you stress the conversational dynamics and humanizing aspects of the Twitter community. Those are the attributes that make the community so great. I've written a few posts about best practices for brands on Twitter and would appreciate your feedback.

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