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Re: "A brief aside for eager marketers - Twitter is not another channel for pushing messages or ads. Please go back and reread this line, twice."

You can say that again!

Personally, I've made several on-line connections that I've established personal off-line relationships with through the use of mediums like Twitter (we call our gatherings local Tweetups). It's definitely a great way to interact personally with colleagues and potential consumer contacts. So long as your connections have an air of genuineness of course because in today's information age it's easy to see past someone who's being disingenuous and move on..

This is a funny issue for me. At first I would talk to business about Twitter and try to explain it.

After the blank stares, I thought there must be a better way. There is.

I then switched and did keyword searches on and back then - Then I pulled relevant posts and profiles of Twitterers. If I could avoid showing a real time Twitter timeline I did.

The result was some clients using it for a variety of business objectives. Twitter sometimes can be its own worse enemy if trying to showcase it in real time. The key is freezing that relevant point in time for the appropriate business use in order to show its value.

Hope all is well Valeria

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