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You're a busy poster these days. Thanks for the link. Are you cheering the Italian swimmers?

@Frank - no worries, I have been called worse things. After we corresponded I learned that Maria was the kind person who referred you here. So it was perfectly natural to have the name in mind - and it's a beautiful name!

@Peter - "conversation is a negotiation of meaning for your self" it is indeed. I have been in negotiations with individuals of Eastern culture and do appreciate the "clear intention to perform their promises" statement. We could use some learning on that. Intention to perform can be more powerful than having performed in the past. But, we make decisions to hire on the basis of what was instead of what could be... You could give courses on this material alone. You wrote the best for last - in order for a conversation to work, you need to give it up, understand what the other needs and may not ask for. Thank you.

@Luis - Pizza Hut manager is the basis for career success. There are hardly more challenging jobs out there than getting along when it comes to food and service. I waited tables in restaurants and pizza places before college and learned tremendous life lessons that helped me in the study of classics, believe it or not. Thank you for reading, and for the Stumble.

Wow, this was an amazing read. A lot of what you said reminded me of my interpersonal and argumentation and debate classes in college. As a communications professional, I have made it my point to follow all the of the rules above when interacting with others, especially in negotiations.

A key factor in all communications is the ability to listen. This one point alone has gotten me through the worst of times. Even in my early college days of working as a Pizza Hut manager, it's amazing how much smoother things go when you just listen instead of interrupting. By placing value in what the other person has to say, you have earned some level of respect from the person speaking and will find coming to terms much more agreeable as the conversation progresses.

I am definitely going to Stumble this post. Thanks!

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