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Unreal. thank you @jtobin for the tweet

In another post I actually explained how marketing is there to help people rationalize the reasons of their emotional purchases.

The first few times you go outside the way marketing has been done are hard. There are no benchmarks of how a dialogue is supposed to be done. Then you have a successful foray, you can reconstruct how you got there to work your way onto how to change the way you follow through on feedback. And so on.

A great analysis Valeria - but this raises the whole cart before horse (or arse from elbow) question that worries me about advice in online marketing.

The techniques you list are a spot-on rationalisation of why the video works. But I don't think any are part of the EA playbook (I haven't seen any of them in their marketing of Spore, for instance, which is all fairly traditional).

It seems more likey that someone saw the original player video and then had a great idea, and because it was so clever and funny, the idea then justified itself. What is truly awe-imspiring is that it then got through all the controls and got made (which is maybe why the year delay from original to EA response).

Which is my cart before horse issue with being able to give anyone any pointers as to how to re-produce this kind of success. The dream of online marketing is to try and get out more than you put in - but the only way to get there is with a moment of inspiration and the guts to see it through.

The reason I love your comments is not because they can help you have the inspiration (and we should never pretend they can), but because they help to justify it and see it through. And that's where the biggest challenge is right now.

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