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In 2004, I did some video editing work for Matt Smith of SmithGifford. Matt is a seasoned ad pro. At the time, I had read about the rise of licensed music in commercials (think Mercedes or Subaru targeting boomers and gen-Xers with hits from the 1960s or 1980s) and the demise of the jingle. I believe some of this was in the context of the death of a well-known jingle writer.

Matt's comment at the time was: the jingle will come back. And of course, he'd be around enough to know and be right.

I personally was elated to see the Big Mac song back. I had a conversation with my partner (who grew up over sees and didn't have an association with it) about how big that song was in the 1980s. When I was in elementary school, people actually performed dance and jump-rope routines to it in the school talent show -- aping the commercials! -- that's how huge it was. Talk about successful marketing. (Heck, in elementary school choir we did a whole medley of ad jingles! I kid you not. Would parents even be so naive as to let this happen today?)

Actually, beermoney (or whoever hides behind "get rich quick" schemes), the whole point of social networking to me is that it is totally volunteer. NO thanks!

Facebook and MySpacec are great BUT...
Other sites like Yuwie and ZenZuu actually PAY YOU to use their sites so...
Why not get PAID to do social networking?
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Edited: no advertising on this site.

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