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@Eustacia - Thanks for your positive comment. I took a look at your home page and like the way you incorporated the importance of story into what you do. Best of luck to you!

this is a wonderful article on branding and your insight is spot-on.
thank you!

@Peter - Thank you so much for your inspirational comment. You must be a writer, because you have a gift that makes people want to read more.

Your comments about the subject are right on and you've tapped into the key concepts highlighted in my post. "Connecting the music to a time or emotion" - isn't that a great feeling when you're somewhere (perhaps at a pub or rock concert) and not only do you feel a sense of connection - but everyone else does as well?

Sometimes I long for childhood where, as you suggest, our only identity was that of our very selves...just a natural way of being in the world without the need to be "someone else."

Your insight was well versed and I thank you again for making a contribution.

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